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Basic principles of holistic drug rehab in Thailand

In the holistic drug rehab method, participants discover ways to bring their spirit, body and mind into equilibrium. By way of example, a woman with a strong mind but fragile body will need to get physically stronger in order to deal with their dependency problem. The holistic drug rehab paradigm does not comply with classic rehab models (like psychotherapy or 12-step programs), but rather treats the whole person, with the objective being to bring them directly into total harmony. As Thailand evolves into one of the leading offshore destinations for drug treatment, this article summarises the benefits to be gained by enrolling in a drug treatment program here.

Things to look for in a holistic drug rehab program

If the holistic methods sounds like a fit, it is a good idea to consider the ideal location, and then research several options in that area. Then, look for a program that offers a great deal of treatment options. This is because only some types of treatment works just as well for all patients. For this reason, most high-quality holistic rehabilitation facilities make an effort to personalise treatment options to the needs of the individual.

During your research, find out everything you can about the program. Ask what types of therapy are on offer. What about the leisure activities? Are all parts of the program mandatory, or can patients choose what they feel will work for them? Additionally it is a good idea to understand how long the drug addiction courses last, and what your options are. While you might make progress during a month-long drug rehabilitation program, in fact most people need treatment for for much longer, to be able to get better.

What to expect during holistic drug rehab in Thailand

Holistic drug rehab is the same as conventional rehab in the sense that the driving objective is to break the patient’s addiction in such a way that they won’t relapse. Many consider holistic rehab superior because it works on all parts of the person to ensure they reach a healthy state of balance. In Thailand, a typical day of holistic rehab may involve group sessions, yoga and meditation exercises, physical activities and even intellectual exercises to keep the mind stimulated.

The general idea is to break habit patterns and then replace them with healthier alternatives. Fortunately, this process is a lot less difficult than it sounds – studies show that after just a few days in a completely new routine, the mind and body will begin to adapt. What might seem possible today may become feasible tomorrow, and achievable the day after that.

A premium holistic drug rehab centre in Thailand

If holistic healing looks best for your needs, the Next Step Chiang Mai is a high end rehabilitation clinic dedicated to holistic dependency treatment. Providing premium quality services an individual would anticipate finding in the best resorts, this facility places emphasis on your personal comfort and health throughout the rehab progression. Throughout your stay, you are going to experience complete addiction therapy while getting the most out of restorative massage, fitness center facilities, housekeeping services and a brilliant restorative healing community. If bettering your mind, body and spirit in an exotic part of the world sounds good, check out holistic clinics in Southeast Asia, and choose the one that seems best for your needs.

What to Expect on Your First Dive at the Great Barrier Reef

When in Cairns, snorkeling is a must-do. This is the “bread and butter” of the tourism industry in this region of Australia. However, there is something else that adventure seekers are longing to do in the region – Great Barrier Reef diving. Snorkeling is like a preview of the bountiful marine life in Cairns but you can see and explore more of that if you go on a diving trip.
The Great Barrier Reef is the most famous reef and diving spot in the world. If you just signed up for a diving excursion, you might be filled with anticipation on what is waiting for you underwater. To ease your anxiety and excitement, here are a few things you can expect, especially if this is your first dive:
• Start the day early. The diving cruise or excursion typically starts early, around 7 in the morning. This will give you enough time during the day to dive many different spots within the Great Barrier Reef.
• The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. In fact, it is so big it can be seen from outer space. There are up to 2,900 reefs and 600 continental islands. Divers from all over the world revere it for being one of the world’s most biodiverse locations for diving.
• Depending on your charter or cruse company, you will be visiting various locations for Great Barrier Reef diving. Every stop points for your diving excursion will offer a unique diving experience. Hence, take advantage of every diving spot because every single one contributes to the whole experience.
• The Great Barrier Reef is not a deep dive destination. The average depth is 10 to 25 meters. The coral reefs require sunlight to grow and thrive; hence, the best diving spots are shallow.
• There is no need to provide your own diving equipment at the Great Barrier Reef. These will be provided for by the diving company which you have registered to.
• Even though Australia is a suitable diving destination any time of the year, there are specific diving seasons wherein it is considered most pleasant to do so. In the Great Barrier Reef, the most popular time for diving is from the month of July to November. If you want to avoid jellyfish while you dive, you need to avoid scheduling a dive between the months of November to April.
• Your dive will be accompanied by experienced and certified divers. Hence, you do not have to worry if you do not have previous diving experience. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is suitable for all skill levels of divers.
If you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, join in one of many Great Barrier Reef diving excursions. This is basically on the bucket list of every SCUBA diver. After all, there is a lot of beauty to explore at the Great Barrier Reef especially underwater. For more details on how you can sign up for a diving excursion and what you can expect on your first dive, visit

Mekong River cruise: A connection between tradition and innovation

There is no better way to uncover the mysteries of Asia than the mind blowing river cruise trips on the main artery of the magnificent Mekong River. This beautiful river has an intensity, allure and exoticism, making it an outstanding tourist destination at the global level. The Mekong river cruises serve the tourists with an enlightening, invigorating and a truly unforgettable holiday experience that the person will cherish throughout his/her life.

mekong river cruises

River cruises Mekong based: A delightful experience for life

The tourists get the opportunity to visit the floating market, which is the busiest during the morning hours. All the Mekong river cruises are enchanted with the mysticism that hooks the travelers the moment they step into the cruise. The floating market on the cfmekong delta cruises is quite enjoyable and equally peaceful. It offers a wonderful experience to see hundreds of boats full of local vendors, selling all sorts of exotic goods in the floating market. The expert instructor is usually present on these cruises to assist the guests and help in learning about the glorious past of Mekong River.

One of the most delightful things about the CF mekong delta cruises is that they offer the ability to jump ashore and explore the stunning locations with ease. Exploring the canal and the mesmerizing views of the delta on the authentic sampan boats are among the ‘must see’ excursions. CF Mekong River cruises serve as a great way of exploring the dynamic waterways of Southeast Asia in style and navigate the city that holds a tapestry of culture and colors of tradition.

These cruise trips are often featured with the visit to cross country borders and see the river banks come to life in order to indulge in the luxuries of modern day cruising experience.

What are the features?

The all-inclusive river cruising delight comes with unrivalled amenities that include steam sauna, pool, open air cinema, mini bar, a private butler service and free Wi-Fi access all day long. The staff always makes sure that the guests are enjoying the world class indulgence and unparalleled intimacy throughout the time they are on board. Every innovative feature along with the luxury suites are carefully designed by the top interior designers of the industry in order to bring best in terms of luxury and comfort.

These feature loaded cruise trips offer a great chance to the adventure lovers to experience life in the countryside of Cambodia and Vietnam. The travelers get the homely feel with the high level service of the staff. They can pamper their taste buds with the mouth watering dinner delights and refreshing locally brewed alcoholic beverages.


Mekong river cruises are among the highly recommended river tours where the person gets a chance to enjoy the adventure of exploring the foreign land at the most relaxed pace, retaining the luxury and comforts of the holiday at the same time. These cruises offer a memorable journey along the mighty Mekong River, which offers a truly unforgettable blend of fascinating culture, beautiful riverscapes and ancient architectural wonders. Nothing can be better than being the part of the intimate cruising experience with exceptional personalized services.

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