4 ways to prolong the lifespan of your fleet vehicles

Managing fleet vehicles is trickier than maintaining your average car. You have to ensure that all units are running smoothly to ensure that your company gets the most ROI for every individual vehicle. To be able to do this, you should have a trusted vehicle repair company, such as They have mechanics who specialise in the repair and maintenance of heavy vehicles, including buses, trailers, and trucks.

Good fleet maintenance can save your company thousands of dollars

Your company can be spending thousands of dollars on repairs if you do not monitor and keep track of every vehicle. Missing out a single scheduled maintenance check can lead to downtime, expensive repairs, and even the need to buy a new unit.

Well-maintained fleet vehicles can serve your business longer. Also, they have higher resale value when you need to dispose of them.

So, how do you extend the life of your fleet vehicles?

1. Keep a record of their maintenance schedules

Keeping a record of the vehicles’ maintenance schedules can make your life easier in managing several vehicles. Your record must not only include the maintenance schedule of each vehicle, but also their service history, compliance record, and previous repair costs.

The most common way of keeping track of a vehicle’s record is using a spreadsheet. There are also fleet management software solutions that are more efficient than using a spreadsheet.

2. Good driver behaviour

The operators are the first ones to notice any problems with your vehicles. They are the ones to report if there are any problems with the tyres, brakes, windshield, and other components. Inform them about the importance of reporting any problems with your vehicles to you immediately.

Good drivers also keep your vehicles clean inside and out. Tidying the vehicles regularly prevent any dirt build-up that can eventually cause damage to your vehicles.

Good and responsible drivers are safe drivers. They are careful with operating huge vehicles to avoid accidents. Hiring good and responsible drivers also keep your vehicles and other employees safe.

3. Look for a reliable vehicle service company

Bringing your vehicles to a reliable service company, such as, will assure you that your fleet vehicles are in good hands. Reliable car servicing companies have expert mechanics who can address the problems of your vehicles.

Also, once you found a good vehicle service company, stick to it. It is good to stick to one company so that the mechanics already know the history of each of your vehicles.

4. Manage the workload of your fleet of vehicles

The workload of your vehicles should be divided evenly. Avoid overusing a few vehicles, while the rest of the vehicles are underused. The workload can be divided according to mileage, and this can be easily tracked through keeping a record.

Overused vehicles are prone to mechanical problems and need more repairs and preventative maintenance than underused vehicles.

Giving the majority of the workload to only select vehicles can also shorten their lifespan. Acquiring new vehicles is expensive for fleet vehicle owners, which is something you should try to avoid for your bottom line.

If you need assistance in managing and maintaining your fleet of vehicles, please visit


A 3-step guide to avoid car scammers when buying used cars in Brisbane

Been wanting to get your first car in Brisbane after obtaining your learner’s driving license, but would like to purchase a hand-me-down vehicle? As a young driver, you should know that there are a lot of options Brisbane car yards sell, from new to used cars to pay in installment or cash.

Got your back, mate

In Queensland, it requires learners to have a driving buddy who has a full driver’s license to supervise you on the road. This will have to go on for a 12-month period with a number of restrictions before getting that P plate after your L plate.

Your driving buddy has more experience on the road than you, so you could ask them for a list of trusted Brisbane car yards to visit. While they know almost every ins and outs of car maneuvers, road hand signals, and traffic rules and regulations, it would be very insightful to hear their own opinion on buying second-hand cars.

Learning further

Once you have come up with a list of Brisbane car yards to check out, you can drive to the car dealership with your driving buddy to act as your advisor.

If your driving buddy is busy, you can take a public transportation or call for an Uber to take you to the dealership. However, in appointing for an enquiry about used cars and other car sales, these are some things you should be wary of:

1. Watch out for high interests and hidden charges

Dealers will greet you with a warm welcome and spill the beans about their used cars and discounts from the original prices. If you think its a steal, you should not fall for the trap. Some dealerships offer a vehicle loan with a very high interest—high enough to reach the original selling price of the car—so it’s something you should watch out for.

2. Be very detail-oriented

Being a learner, it is not wrong to dream about having a used Ford Fiesta car for an affordable price. However, when the vehicle has been evidently abused by its owners, like having a broken air conditioner, a leather car sheet that has scratches, or worse, a sputtering sound of the engine when the car is turned on, that is a bad sign. You should turn down the offer because it is a bad deal.

Also, do a little background check about the car. Is it registered? Have it been towed in the past? Was it involved in an accident? Sleuthing for the answers to these questions can save you from having a miserable driving experience for a first-time driver.

3. Avoid sellers who insist to meet in private places

Meeting in private places is a big threat to your safety. As a young driver, you should be very cautious about who to trust. Sellers are most likely strangers, and as your parents say, strangers cannot be trusted especially when they ask to meet in private places.

Crimes have been committed by individuals who prey on the young. It is very important to keep your safety the first priority.

To avoid the risk, search Google “used car dealerships near me” to find trusted dealerships for your car hunting.

Hey, future Brisbane driver

You deserve quality, service, and safety. Visit for more info.


Must you purchase an applied car?

A car has turned into a section of our everyday living. It is really a fundamental necessity that’s important to working persons and people with understanding kids. This is exactly why there’s a regular upsurge in demand for cars. But, Citroen cactus for sale can really separate the bank. But there is the good thing; you can always opt for applied cars!

citroen cactus for sale

Most people certainly are a bit hesitant about doing so since they fear they may encounter a lot of underlying issues in Citroen parts in the future. But the advantages surmount the shortcomings, and here are the nice reasons.


First thing being regarded when selecting between a new car and an applied car is the cost difference. An applied car is way cheaper when compared to a new one. Because not absolutely all persons can acquire a big sum of money simultaneously, some opt for applied cars. Citroen dealership Brisbane has these days presents only half the buying price of brand-new cars.

Besides the cost, an applied car also means cheaper maintenance. You will find sellers that offer qualified pre-owned cars that are still included in warranties.


Vehicle owners realize that their car depreciates over time. That occurs dramatically on the course of four years, so getting a brand name new Citroen car is not ideal if you modify cars frequently.

You will find countless new versions hitting theaters every year, creating older models of cars less valuable. A will keep on producing new cars, so expect your brand-new car to depreciate as time goes by. But, if you decide on to buy an applied car, you will not have to take into account it since you got the most effective price for your money.

Wide Array of Possibilities

When you need to buy a brand-new car, you always end up picking between your desire car and its cheaper counterpart. When you defectively want the former, your finances will intervene together with your decision. Ultimately, you chose to be useful and choose that cheaper counterpart and you are nearly happy.

But with used Citroen cars, there is no allowing go of that desire car. You can have it at a lower price. And in addition to that, you may also select among a wide selection of versions and versions – all for an inexpensive bargain. It’s absolutely a win-win situation.

Cheaper Charges

Applied cars will also be eligible to insurances. But the good thing is, car insurance cost is dependent upon the value of the automobile, so a cheaper car means cheaper insurance. That is ideal for those who do not genuinely wish to invest a fortune on insurance costs.

Also, cheaper cars suggest lower enrollment fees. Costs are on the basis of the price and style of the automobile, so an applied car will give you that benefit. You will not need to hang or delay the enrollment as you will have the ability to neck the expense for your applied car.

They’re some of the most notable advantages of buying a used Citroen car. You will find still other reasons to buy such, but ultimately, all of it comes down seriously to your choices whether you’ll need a brand-new or even an applied one.

Seeking for the best applied car vendor in the region? Check out Brisbane City Citroen for more details.


First Time Investing in a Applied Car? Check always these 5 Smart Recommendations

Many persons obtain used automobiles mainly to save money. However, some receive as effectively thrilled regarding getting an attractive brother fodder in a decreased, inexpensive used-car cost. Being complacent regarding getting carry about dedicating preventable errors. If you are preparing to obtain a Kia Carnival applied vehicle on the market today, tested these recommendations originally: See more at car for sale brisbane.

Study the maintenance history

If the supplier that works on the pre-owned Kia Carnival on the market is illegal in regards to the vehicle’s record, you should wait. A maintenance record identifies precisely what the vehicle skilled; who knows when it gone through a major crash along with continues to be performing not have some major restoration work? The restoration work cost, predictably, comes on your hands.

Additionally, the dealership that’s offering Kia Carnival applied vehicle on the market might be dismissing or covering a concern. This is exactly why you should work with a trustworthy supplier that could disclose you the solution record of a car. You need to furthermore ask them to go over just what is specified in the record. Click here Toowong Kia

Remember to put together along with examine the necessary documents before acquiring the deal

Being too wishy-washy in looking after paperwork is a no-no when purchasing pre-owned vehicles. Yes, you may be assembling documents, however are you currently analyzing and studying them absolutely?

You might furthermore require these through the day you are getting the car:

  1. Checking bill recommendations to perform outstanding settlements
  2. Driver’s certification
  3. Enrollment glides along with plates if you are bartering your past vehicle
  4. Insurance coverage documentation

Be reasonable about everything you can purchase

You furthermore have to be reasonable. Don’t eliminate energy hunting various other cars that do not match your spending plan framework. Produce a truthful examination of your allowance plan and so just how you might dedicate. Evaluation your day-to-day expenses along with the wage. Make certain that the brand new Kia Carnival cost fits it.

Don’t wait to require funding

The trick to this really is participating with respected individuals. You are able to borrow from a companion, officemates, or your loved ones member. On another hand, if you choose to make an application for a financing, you need to constantly workout discernment. Don’t leap in correct now. Assess prices since Kia Carnival cost can vary drastically among funding firms. Meanwhile, if you discover a great financing firm, you ought to obtain a replicate of one’s credit affirmation from most of the bureaus in your area and certify their precision. This is also essential if you are obtaining a finance. Should they discover an incorrect data on your record, you might perhaps not be getting accepted for the car loan application.

Be aware of end-quarter reductions

The last few times of any kind of month could be the top time to obtain a low-cost auto. This is actually more popular among sellers before the season finishes. This occurs since plenty of dealerships hate viewing unsold autos spending some time their backyards. It looks unpleasant for a dealership to maintain previous vehicles while new types display up. So, the final times’sale takes place.

Generally, obtaining a Kia Carnival applied vehicle on the market does not merely save you cash– it also aids in keeping the setting. If you are searching for reasonably respected and also top notch used cars along with dodge elements Brisbane Town has, flick through today.