Budget hotels in Bangkok are making the city more attractive for foreigners

Bangkok always attracts tourists from different parts of the world. No doubt that a lot of foreigners have visited this stunning city and capital of Thailand. There is no dearth of luxurious and extraordinary hotels, and luxurious accommodations like apartments, or condos in Bangkok. As such luxury, lavishness, and aristocracy are in the air of Bangkok. However, due to limitations in budget, not all can enjoy the same. This is why many budget hotels in Bangkok have come up and made it possible for people with average income to visit and enjoy Bangkok in style and comfort. Budget hotels in this city have set an example for the hotel industry in the world, where it has proven over and again that professional services to the guests don’t depend on the money but on the attitude of hotel management and staff.

Increasing demand for budget hotels:

As per the statistical data available on the various tourism aspects in Thailand, it has been markedly noticed that average demand for budget hotels has increased manifold over the past five years. This trend is still continuing. Although Bangkok is known for luxury hotels and still 60% of visitors have availed luxury hotels in the last few years, the trend is declining every year. This is happening as demography of visitors is changing quite visibly now. More and more middle-income group visitors from China, India, Japan and Korea are coming in Thailand than Europeans and Americans. In fact, the percentage of European tourists has decreased steadily who were actually the primary occupants of luxury hotels. Even, the new age European travelers are seen to be availing budget hotels in Bangkok than upscale hotels in the Sukhumvit area.

Budget hotels redefined in Bangkok

The budget hotels in Bangkok, Thailand characterize why this is a city renowned for its extremely good “value-for-money” accommodations. For the same price as what a tourist pays for a shared dormitory room in some other area, here one can rent a hotel with spacious and comfortable bedroom, as well as a whole set of most desired facilities and services. Moreover, most of these budget hotels are located conveniently in the busiest hubs of the city where from one can travel anywhere quite comfortably.

Facilities and Amenities normally available:

Seeing and experiencing the facilities and services no one can differentiate the basic difference between cheap hotels in Bangkok and any other luxurious hotel. Some common facilities and services available in all budget hotels are enumerated here:

·        24-hours housekeeping services.

·        Room delivery of foods.

·        Restaurant and bar facilities

·        Air-conditioned rooms with TV and hot water in bathrooms

As a whole, budget hotels in Bangkok have been witnessing a steady increase in demand throughout the year. Their outstanding services and modern facilities have enabled tourists to save their hard-earned money, which they can now spend on shopping, eating and sightseeing, a bit more generously.

For more information on the tariff rates and the facilities available, you can visit the website of the different hotels and then choose the one that suits your budget and requirements.

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